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I had a login on the previous system but I can't remember what it was, how can I get logged in?

You can use the password recovery feature even if you don't remember� your login.�� All you need to know is your registered email address CLICK HERE

How LONG will my ad appear for?

you have the choice of selecting 30,60, or 90 days when you create the ad

How do I know when my ad will expire?

You will be notified via email 10 days before your ad expires

What file type of pictures can I upload and add to my classified ad?

supported image types are gif, jpeg, jpg, bmp, png, and tif with maximum file size of 1000000 bytes

How do I add pictures to my ad?

After you added the description, the next screen will allow you to point to a folder on your PC, browse to each jpg, gif, or image file and click "add images to classified ad"

Why can't I add pictures to an existing ad? ��

You will need to delete the existing ad, and create a new ad, then add pictures to the new ad.

Why is this FREE?�� Are you nuts?

Yes, we are.��

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