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Most of this goes without being said or written, but we must make sure we cover all bases. Jeepclassifieds.com is a production of JMEDIAGROUP.COM Inc. Jeepclassifieds.com or JMEDIAGROUP.COM Inc. did NOT invent the word Jeep� or that funny looking round headlight, slotted grill thing. In fact, Jeep�, CJ�, the Jeep grill design� (you know o||||o) are registered trademarks of the DaimlerChrysler Corporation. Jeepclassifieds.com or JMEDIAGROUP.COM Inc. have no affiliation with the DaimlerChrysler Corporation. (other than liking their products). We may not have remembered to put the � beside every occurrence of the word Jeep� . In fact, we probably didn't. But, it is assumed that if the word Jeep� or any of the other trademark terms are used in this web site they should refer back to this statement.

Jeepclassifieds.com is a service for individuals only selling personal vehicles or parts.    Businesses selling parts, vehicles or advertising for services is prohibited.   We do monitor the ads and ANY business ads will be removed promptly without notice.    If you are a Jeep related business owner, you may submit your business listing to the www.jeepyellowpages.com free listing service.   Jeepclassifieds.com reserves the right to remove any ad for at any time for any reason.  

For more information about all Jeeps current model vehicles, you can visit their website by clicking on the logo below.

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